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We are excited about our music ministry! God has big plans for Dwight Baptist Church over these next few months and the future, as we strengthen our Music Ministry. The Music Ministry is one of the most important factors in our worship. Music not only has a large impact in our culture and on our lives, but it has a large place in our worship at Dwight Baptist Church. With that being said, there is absolutely not a better time to participate in the Music Ministry than now!

Image result for church choir clip artChoir practice takes place every Wednesday night from 7-8 P.M, immediately after Adult Bible Study. The choir is never too big, and for any potential singers or anyone who has ever had any interest in joining the choir, now would be a great time to start. Don't let that hinder you from joining in the future, a spot is always open for you to take. Also, there are no tryouts or certain level you're expected to meet. You may not be the best singer in the world, but we don't care and we don't expect you to be. Any voice of worship to our Father is pleasing unto him, and that is what it's all about. We know you'll also have a blessed time with a great group of people and will feel right at home.

Image result for praise band clip art  We are looking for musicians to play with our praise team for Sunday morning worship. There is no certain level you're expected to meet. Any offer of worship to our Father is pleasing to Him, and that's what it's all about. We know you will be blessed for your time sacrificed to play and worship with us.

So if God lays it on your heart to be a part in the future of our Music Ministry, you come. Not only will you be warmly accepted, have a great experience, and play a part in one of Dwight's many ministries, you'll also be doing something for the Lord.

Come on out Wednesday nights at 7 P.M and join the Dwight Baptist Church Music Ministry. Contact Laura Beth Martin for any additional information or questions.